Why do auto mechanics need a automotive smoke machine of AUTOOL SDT206?

AUTOOL SDT206 model is a high-end automotive smoke machine. It is the star of the SDT models range and has been the best seller since its release in 2016 because of its stable performance. It comes with two test modes: i.e. Air mode and Smoke mode. Built-in 2 groups of high-power air pumps, no need to purchase additional air pumps or air compressors. There is a visualized oil level gauge that can effectively observe the filling amount and purity of the test oil. Effective observation and control of smoke flow with visual flow meter and adjustable knob. Besides, visualized pressure gauges make it easier and faster to detect leaks.

Dual test modes: no need to buy additional air compressor

Air mode: Turning on the air mode allows you to determine if there is a leak in the pipe by introducing air into the pipeline. With the AUTOOL SDT206 Automotive Smoke Leak Detector, there is no need to purchase additional air compressors or air pumps, making your diagnostics easy and cost-effective.
Smoke Mode: After determining that there is a leak in a pipe, turning on Smoke Mode can help you quickly locate the leak. Smoke can be generated within 5s, greatly reducing diagnostic time. Visual flow meter & adjustable flow meter knob
Smoke output flow: 0-6 L/min, flow meter and adjustable knob, easy to observe and operate. Quick leak diagnosis by pressure display
No leaks: if the value of the pressure gauge remains the same, it means there is no leak in the pipeline system.
Small leak: if the value of the pressure gauge drops a bit, it indicates a small leak in the pipeline system.
Serious leak: if the pressure gauge reaches zero, it indicates a large leak in the pipeline system.

Visual level gauge and handy drain outlet

The level gauge allows you to accurately control the amount of test oil, while the drain outlet allows for easy recovery of the test oil.

Overheat and anti-freeze protection:

The smoke detector is equipped with the latest intelligent protection devices. When the temperature of the unit exceeds 75 °C, the power protection will intelligently shut down to ensure the safety of the operator and the unit. After 10 minutes of continuous work, the unit will be activated to protect against overheating for more than 5 minutes, while the unit also can work at cold temperatures. Support 12V car battery only.

How to do leak detection?

  1. Fill 10ml-20ml test oil into the smoke leak detector.
  2. Open the pipe that needs to be connected to the leak detector.
  3. Install the universal airbag adapter to the sealed pipeline and connect it to the unit’s smoke duct.
  4. Connect the detector to the car’s DC12V battery, and it starts to work.
  5. Turn on the Air mode. Check if there is a leak through the pressure gauge with the state of no smoke output.
  6. After determining that there is a leak in the pipeline, please turn off the Air mode. Then turn on the Smoke mode and send smoke into the line to locate the leak.
  7. Under the premise of being well-sealed, the pipeline can be filled with smoke in about 1 min. If there is a leak, it can be easily located within 2~3 min.

Packing list:

  • 1pcs* AUTOOL SDT206 main unit
  • 1pcs Hooks (with hand-drive tightened nuts)
  • 1set* Universal Hard Rubber Plug
  • 1set* Universal Soft Rubber Plug
  • 1pcs* Universal Cone Adapter
  • 1pcs* Universal Airbag Adapter
  • 1pcs* Valve Core Wrench
  • 1pcs* Power Cord
  • 1pcs* Test oil filling bottle (oil not included)
  • 1pcs* EVAP adapter
  • 1pcs* Smoke Hose
  • 1pcs* User manual

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