Earn money online by becoming an Autool Affiliate

Earnings opportunity for Affiliate Marketers. Autool has launched a webstore for the customers all over the world. The webstore is located at: Available at the webstore are original Autool products suitable for both individual consumers (B2C) as well as small business users (B2B). To coincide with the new website launch, Autool is offering an […]

SDT106 and SDT206, which one do you like better?

Smoke leakage detectors have solved the problems of many users to get a valuable and accurate way to protect their vehicle from many damage. I will introduce you to two smokers, the SDT106 and the upgraded SDT206. Both of these smokers are our very good products that have gained the popularity of many mechanic consumers. […]

Powerful automotive diagnostic tool – CS320

AUTOOL CS320 is an innovative and affordable OBD/EOBD + CAN diagnostic tool.   Specially designed for cars, automotives and vehicles assemble DIY-ers.   Easy, quick and professional access to enginer troubles on all OBDII compliant cars, mini vans and light duty vehicles sold worldwide since 1996.   When it comes to vehicles maintenance and repairs, the  AUTOOL  CS320 […]

What are the functions of X50 Plus and how to use it?

First, connect your X50plus to your car and start the engine. Select the data you want to display, such as speed, mileage, etc. This is done in the following manner: press leftwards or rightwards the function key to choose the menu: Speed- Rotate- Engine Temperature- Oil consumption; press the key in the middle to confirm; […]

Two factors that affect vehicle visibility: wipers and lighting

Lights and wipers assume an essential role in safe car driving, and if you can’t see or be seen, the likelihood of an accident is greatly increased. In some areas of the United States, there are specific laws that require wipers and headlights to be on at the same time. If you notice any problems […]

How the fuel system works?

Function and Principle The fuel system takes over the fuel filling and transportation, and it ensures that the fuel reaches the engine smoothly and is supplied to the engine to work. It is also responsible for collecting oil vapor and discharging it to the atmosphere through filtration. The principle of absorption and desorption of its […]