What is the main modification of car modification?

1、Adding tail fins Usually referred to as "rear wing," a more professional name for a spoiler, primarily seen in sports cars and sports cars. However, some ordinary cars are also retrofitted with "rear wing" spoilers. The role of the rear wing is to increase stability, which is more critical for large displacement cars, but the […]

Consumer Reports: Electric vehicles are less reliable and have more problems than gas vehicles

Electric vehicles seem to be a hot market now, but they are still essentially a new technology. With few commercially available models and a lack of experience from automakers, it’s not surprising that reliability is being questioned. A new report from Consumer Reports, a leading U.S. media outlet, shows that electric vehicles have a much […]

Does Tesla Model S get a new battery with more than twice the range of the existing one?

What’s the most significant anxiety about electric cars? —Range! The development of new energy vehicles so far, for its safety issues, has long been a good solution, but the only problem is that the range has been difficult to get a breakthrough, an extensive range of charging facilities, reduce wind resistance coefficient of the whole […]

5 key pieces of equipment that every auto repair store should have

If you run an auto repair store, it’s always important to solve different automotive problems. This means investing in the right tools and working with a team of certified mechanics skilled in performing various repairs. To get ready for business, here are five key pieces of equipment that are essential to your auto repair store. […]

7 Important Engine Maintenance Tips – Must Know For A Good Car Care

7 important engine maintenance tips

An engine is the heartbeat of any car, and as a car owner, you want to keep your vehicle’s engine in optimal condition to prolong its lifespan and prevent any unexpected breakdowns. In this article, we have listed important engine maintenance tips you should focus on when looking after your vehicle’s engine. 1.Change the oil […]

What Is Carbon Engine Cleaning and What Is the Best Tool?

The engine is the heart of a vehicle. If the engine’s health is not good, it can drastically impact its performance by reducing its power. So, the maintenance of the car engine is essential to keep your car moving for the next thousand miles without requiring any attention. Multiple factors can impact the power of […]

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