Dry Ice Blasting Machine:The Complete Beginner’s Guide

What is a dry ice blasting machine?

Dry ice blasting machines utilize compressed air as the driving force to propel dry ice particles at supersonic speeds onto the surface to be cleaned. Instead of solely relying on the kinetic energy of the dry ice particles, they take advantage of the ultra-low temperature properties of dry ice for decontamination. The process involves accelerating the dry ice blasting media in a high-pressure air stream to impact the surface effectively.

Uniqueness of dry ice cleaning stems from the instant vaporization of dry ice particles upon impact, causing them to rapidly disappear and facilitating heat exchange on the surface being cleaned.This rapid sublimation of solid CO2 gas causes the dry ice particles to expand nearly 800 times their original volume in a fraction of a second, resulting in a “micro-explosion” at the point of impact that achieves the cleaning effect swiftly.

Why choose a dry ice blasting machine?

Wide range of applications

Dry ice cleaning machine removes silicone residues, oils, grease, dirt, inks, adhesives, paints, chewing gum, and graffiti effectively. Industries such as rubber, automotive, marine, chemical, printing, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace use it.

Environmental protection

Dry ice blasters recycle solid CO2 without creating extra waste. When dry ice touches a surface, it becomes gaseous CO2 via sublimation, leaving no water or chemical residue. This method is perfect for cleaning water-sensitive items like electronics.

Reduced Downtime

Dry ice blasting machine swiftly freezes and removes dirt upon impact, ensuring a thorough clean without harming the surface. This makes dry ice cleaning machine ideal for equipment and devices with stringent surface requirements.

How to choose a good dry ice blasting machine?

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AUTOOL specializes in creating automotive maintenance and inspection tools, among which the dry ice cleaner has become a hot product in the market.

Warranty market

AUTOOL dry ice cleaning machine offers up to three years of warranty covering all quality issues that are not due to human damage, including replacement parts and even new machines!

Technical Support

AUTOOL is a manufacturing, sales, and after-sales company with a robust technical support team that helps customers with use, repair, maintenance, and more.

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