What is the main modification of car modification?

1、Adding tail fins

Usually referred to as "rear wing," a more professional name for a spoiler, primarily seen in sports cars and sports cars. However, some ordinary cars are also retrofitted with "rear wing" spoilers.

The role of the rear wing is to increase stability, which is more critical for large displacement cars, but the power of relatively small displacement cars will be affected. The rear wing is a spoiler component, with the characteristics of high-speed driving to improve downforce and dynamic balance of the body.Car enthusiasts will always modifications their cars, but do you know what the main car modifications?

Still, it will only be counterproductive if the tuning is not good. Generally, the effect of the rear wing is more apparent when the speed is above 100 km/h.

2、Improve the ignition system

Appropriate improvement of the ignition system can enhance the power of the car. The progress of the ignition system is divided into spark plugs, spark energy and ignition wire modification.

The ignition wire between the ignition system and the spark plug is currently one of the most popular modifications. The effect of modifying this part is to improve the resistance while controlling electromagnetic interference, reduce the loss of high-voltage current sent by the high-voltage coil to the spark plug, and enhance the power.

3、Add a large envelope

The main function of the large envelope is to reduce the reverse airflow generated when the car is moving and increase the downforce of the car so that the car can drive more smoothly. In addition, large surroundings are the most personalized accessories in appearance, so many car owners will add large surroundings out of aesthetic requirements.

Owners should choose high-quality products when retrofitting large surrounds because high-quality fiberglass surrounds, both the degree of sturdiness or surface finish, is far superior to general products.

In addition, do not choose to remove the original bumper to install the large surround because the impact resistance of fiberglass is very poor. The choice of the original bar wrapped in the large surround will not affect the vehicle’s solidity.

If you must choose to remove the bar surround, you can transplant the buffer zone in the original bar into the fiberglass surround. Otherwise, there is no guarantee of safety.


Car headlights for xenon lights, such modifications to the driving itself are safe. Still, drivers must comply with the night driving from the other side of the car about 100 meters will be far light to near light regulations, so as not to affect the sight of other vehicles.

And for the addition of tail fins, car stickers, large surroundings, modified car audio, these basically will not impact safety, so you can also pass. As for opening the sunroof, it is best not to change the top of the car because it changes the structure and gravity of the car, resulting in reduced safety performance.

In addition, engine changes and modifications are relatively extensive and must be applied.

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