Does Tesla Model S get a new battery with more than twice the range of the existing one?

What’s the most significant anxiety about electric cars? —Range! The development of new energy vehicles so far, for its safety issues, has long been a good solution, but the only problem is that the range has been difficult to get a breakthrough, an extensive range of charging facilities, reduce wind resistance coefficient of the whole […]

How to maintain your car in winter


Cold winter rain, snow, fog, and other bad weather, the road has become more complex. Therefore, driving drivers should always pay attention to the vehicle’s maintenance—the following ten common-sense maintenance to help you safely through the winter. One: wiper Such as driving north, in the northern region, if you go out early in the morning […]

Six driverless classes explained in detail.

Six driverless classes explained in detail.

Researchers predict that by 2025, we will see approximately 8 million uncrewed or semi-unmanned vehicles on the road. However, assistive technologies for driverless cars must first pass six driverless levels before they can be put on the road under the appropriate restrictions, such as geo-fencing. How exactly are these levels classified? And which level are […]

How far away are flying cars from our lives? Time is already predictable.

flying car

In your impression, how is the flying car? We imagine the flying car only exists in various science-fiction blockbusters, highly technological cities, to and from the flying shuttle car! This is a kind of fantasy flying machine, the birth of humankind, the desire to have a free flight of wings, a variety of ancient myths, […]

Top ten fastest sports cars in the world in 2021

Devel sixteen (top speed 560km/h): The Devel sixteen is powered by a 5000HP V16 engine and has a top speed of 350 miles per hour (about 563km/h), making it still the fastest production sports car in the world today. The car was only a planned design when it was first unveiled at the Dubai Motor […]

Sodium-ion battery: the new trend of the future of electric vehicles


Lithium batteries used in electric vehicles are expensive, which is one of the reasons why electric vehicles are difficult to popularize. Now, battery technology is expected to achieve a breakthrough! The future of electric vehicles may be able to use inexpensive and resource-saving sodium-ion batteries instead of lithium batteries. Electric vehicles – especially those that […]

The ten most anticipated automotive technologies, which one do you want to own?

With the progress of the times, automotive technology has also been continuously innovated, and the application of new automotive technologies will bring people a more convenient and comfortable experience, and promote the development of the automotive market in large strides. So, what new automotive technologies are currently expected to be put into market use? Let’s […]

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