AST612 brake fluid exchanger Details: New Features Advantages and Old Model-by-Model Review

In the world of automotive maintenance, the health of the brake system is of paramount importance. As technology advances, so do the features and performance of brake fluid exchangers. In this article, we’ll focus on the AST612 Brake Fluid Change, exploring the benefits of the new features it brings to the table and reviewing the differences and upgrades from older models, one by one.

Principle of operation of AST612 Brake Fluid Exchanger

AST612 adopts the new pulse technology, which continuously sends out pulse signals at certain time intervals to output pressure to the brake fluid pipeline continuously and at high frequency. The application of pulse in the brake fluid changer solves the problem of air evacuation from the pipeline, while the powerful impact force also takes away the dirt and impurities attached to the inner wall of the pipeline, saving working time and improving working efficiency.

New functional advantages of the AST612 brake fluid changer

1. Pulsating exchange technology
AUTOOL AST612 adopts the latest pulsation exchange technology, which can complete the brake fluid change operation of two tires in only 5 minutes, greatly improving the working efficiency. Meanwhile, the whole process adopts the automated working method to control the flow of brake fluid automatically through the equipment, which reduces the complexity of manual operation and the possibility of misoperation, and greatly increases the working efficiency of the garage!
2. Support two-wheel change
AUTOOL AST612 can perform brake fluid exchangers for two tires at the same time, which greatly improves work efficiency and operation convenience.
3. Support pressure adjustment
AUTOOL AST612 supports pressure adjustment with a range of 1.5-3kg/c㎡, which allows you to choose different pressures when changing brake fluid for different models, effectively preventing damage to the brake system. Proper pressure adjustment also ensures the smooth running of the brake fluid change process and reduces the number of operation terminals or repetitive operations due to pressure problems, which improves work efficiency and saves time and cost.
4. Pressure Release Function
AST612 brake fluid changer is also equipped with a unique pressure release function, which can automatically release the pressure when the machine is shut down, preventing the brake fluid from splashing and effectively preventing the possible pollution of brake fluid to the environment.
5. Equipped with 9 kinds of adapters
The AST612 brake fluid change is equipped with 9 types of adapters that are compatible with a wide range of European, Asian, and American models, so you can use one machine to meet the replacement needs of most models, or if you need to purchase a wider variety of adapters, we can also provide you with a 17-piece kit.

AUTOOL Other Brake Fluid Exchanger Products

1. AST605 Brake Fluid Exchanger
As the earliest product in the AUTOOL brake fluid changer series, the AST605 also supports automated brake fluid changes. With the ability to perform a brake fluid change for one tire at a time, the AST605 is by far the most cost-effective product in the brake fluid changer series and is an excellent choice for those who are on a limited budget, and at the same time, don’t need to perform a single change for multiple tires.
2. AST609 Brake Fluid Exchanger
AST609 and AST612 also support brake fluid change for two tires at the same time, but in terms of pressure adjustment, it only support standard mode and fast mode and is only equipped with 7 adapters. For those who are on a budget and need to adjust the pressure independently, we recommend buying the AST612 or the AST618, which supports changing the brake fluid for all four tires.
3. AST618 Brake Fluid Exchanger
The AST618, the only brake fluid changer currently available that supports simultaneous brake fluid changes for all four wheels, also comes with a 17-piece adapter set that comes with a smart panel control to precisely control the frequency and pressure of the change. It is the best choice for users who want to reduce the number of operations and increase the efficiency of a single operation!

Not only does Pulse Brake Fluid Replacement offer significant advantages in improving maintenance efficiency and quality, but it also injects more technology and intelligence into the modern automotive maintenance industry, making it a trusted technology choice for vehicle owners and maintenance professionals. Pulsating brake fluid replacement technology is the latest technology for replacing brake fluid, if you still need to know more about it, you can click on the article below to learn more about brake fluid replacement tools. Meanwhile, you can contact us, we have a professional technical team that can give you authoritative answers!


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