AUTOOL Brake Fluid Change Machine or Conventional Brake Fluid Change, Which one is better?

Are you still changing your brake fluid with your foot? Not only is it time-consuming and labor-intensive, but it also makes braking dangerous. Have you found a better way to change your brake fluid?
This article will introduce you to the traditional method of changing brake fluid and the one-touch method of changing brake fluid using the latest pulse technology.

Principles of Conventional Brake Fluid and AUTOOL Brake Fluid Changer

  • The traditional method of brake fluid change, also known as the vent change method, requires the cooperation of two repair technicians. First, you need to remove the brake fluid from the brake fluid pot; one person applies the brakes in the driver’s cab, and the other person drains the fluid from the drain hole in the brake sub-pump. This traditional method of changing brake fluid takes a long time, and it is easy for air to enter the brake fluid line, which also makes the brakes have a certain risk factor.
  • Pulse brake fluid changer completely solves the problem of time-consuming and labor-intensive traditional brake fluid replacement process, single-chip computer control can accurately control the pressure of brake fluid, brake fluid flow and working time, high degree of automation, a single person to operate the four sub-pumps at the same time to change the oil, fast and time-saving.

What is the difference between a traditional brake fluid change and an AUTOOL brake fluid change?

1. Replacement cost

  • Traditional brake fluid tools: Although traditional brake fluid replacement only requires a simple spray can and a few used oil bottles to complete the replacement of brake fluid, the cost of time and labor it consumes is far beyond calculation. Replacing brake fluid for a car usually requires more than 2 professional maintenance personnel to operate for 1-1.5 hours, which is a non-negligible cost, especially for countries with high labor costs such as Europe and the United States.
  • AUTOOL brake fluid replacement tool: AUTOOL brake fluid replacement machine for the pulsating replacement method, high degree of automation, only one person can complete the work of replacing the brake fluid, and high efficiency, such as AUTOOL’s newest equipment AST618, from the start to the completion of the replacement, it is expected to take only 5 minutes, although the cost of purchasing the equipment is relatively high, but for the long term use of the repair shop, can save more labor! Although the cost of purchasing the equipment is relatively high, for the long-term use of the garage, it can save more labor costs, which is more conducive to the development of the garage!

2. Replacement effect:

  • Traditional brake fluid changer may not be thorough enough in draining the old brake fluid, it is easy to leave some of the old fluid behind, which affects the performance of the new brake fluid, and at the same time, there may be air bubbles, which prevents the braking system from working optimally, thus reducing the sensitivity and effectiveness of the brakes.
  • AUTOOL Brake Fluid Changer directly pressurizes the brake fluid jug through pulse pressure technology, allowing the fluid to circulate all the way through, realizing the complete draining of the old fluid and the complete injection of new fluid. This method allows for a more thorough cleaning of the brake system and ensures that there is no residue of old fluid in the replaced brake fluid and that there is no need to worry about trapped air bubbles.

3. Safety hazards

  • There are certain safety hazards during manual operation. Brake fluid is corrosive, so it can cause damage to people or other parts of the vehicle if it is not handled carefully or if a spill occurs. In addition, unprofessional operation may cause other safety problems, such as air leakage or mixing of impurities in the brake system.
  • The brake fluid changer adopts a standardized operating procedure and strict quality control, which can minimize the impact of human factors on the brake system. In addition, the machine is equipped with a powerful recycling function that recycles the brake fluid simultaneously and quickly.

4. Environmental issues

  • If people manually change the brake fluid and discharge the used brake fluid directly into the environment without a proper waste oil recovery and treatment system, this improper disposal can cause serious pollution of the environment, which in turn has serious ecosystem hazards.
  • AUTOOL brake fluid changer can accurately control the flow and recovery of fluid when discharging the used fluid, which reduces the leakage and waste of the fluid. The machine also has a powerful recycling function that recycles brake fluid simultaneously and quickly. The ability to recycle and dispose of used oil reduces environmental pollution.

Select a brake fluid changer

  • With the development of the automobile industry, automobile safety is becoming more and more important. The best way to eliminate hidden dangers is to regularly maintain and test our cars, such as changing the brake fluid, which plays an important role in driving a car. If there is a problem with the brake fluid during high speed driving, it may lead to a serious car accident, so we need to change the brake fluid regularly to ensure our safety.
  • The above blog gives us an overview of the difference between a traditional brake fluid change and a pulsating brake fluid change, and we can see that a pulsating brake fluid change is far superior to a traditional brake fluid change, both in terms of the effectiveness of the change and the process of changing it. With just one-button operation, it takes only five minutes to quickly change the brake fluid and ensure that the braking system is thoroughly cleaned. Its strong and precise control not only improves safety, but also greatly reduces pollution to the environment, bringing a safer experience for drivers!

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