AUTOOL Super Walnut Sand De-Carbon Cleaning Machine- What do you know?

Cars release ‘Four important signals’ that prove your car needs to be de-carbonized

Cars make our life more convenient and free commuting. As cars are used for longer periods, they become more problematic. All aspects of routine maintenance and upkeep should not be underestimated.
As cars are used more and more, traffic jams are becoming more and more serious in everyday driving. As a result, the carbon buildup in the engine is becoming more and more severe, and the buildup is worse than expected.
What are the signs in your car that it’s time to clean out the carbon buildup?
1. The car becomes difficult to start
2. Fuel consumption increases significantly
3. Decrease in power
4. Excessive tailpipe emissions

For a complete solution to intake valve carbon buildup, you can use the safe and effective AUTOOL Walnut Sand Carbon Cleaner. This article will take you to learn about AUTOOL’s upcoming Super Walnut Sand Carbon Removal Cleaner – HTS728!

AUTOOL HTS728 Walnut Sand De-Carbon Cleaner – Why choose it?

  1. First, our equipment utilizes body-safe walnut sand cleaning technology and is an efficient and non-damaging engine carbon cleaning specialist. And walnut sand is sprayed into the engine’s intake manifold by a high-pressure air stream.
  2. These high-pressure, high-speed walnut sand particles tumble and crash inside the closed intake manifold.
  3. By repeating this process, carbon deposits on the intake valves and intake tubes are brushed away. The carbon is brushed off the intake tube. The entire carbon cleaning process is fast, efficient, safe, and reliable, as it does not require the dismantling of major engine components. Fast, efficient, safe, and reliable.

AUTOOL HTS728 recovers walnut sand faster, on top of HTS518 and HTS558 which can clean the carbon of the intake valve and also clean the carbon of the combustion chamber, it will be a good choice for your garage.

Walnut Sand De-Carbon Cleaner function

  • Equipped with a powerful 1500W motor for strong suction.
  • Utilizes walnut sand particles for physically harmless cleaning.
  • Incorporates a filter to separate carbon deposits from sand particles, facilitating sand recovery and reuse.
  • Dual mode selection: Recovery mode and Filling
  • Pressure gauge included, with adjustable output pressure.
  • External air supply for powerful and effective sandblasting, ensuring superior cleaning results.
  • Comes with various shaped adapters to meet the needs of different vehicle models.

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