What is different the AUTOOL Smoke Leak Detector New Version?

What is the difference between AUTOOL’s 2 newest smoke leak detectors, the SDT50 and SDT60? What are their prices? How do they compare to other smoke leak detectors in the past? This article will take you through the 2 new smoke leak detectors that AUTOOL will launch.

AUTOOL SDT50 and SDT60 auto smoke leak detector is an entry-level automotive pipeline leak detection tool, which can accurately detect various leaks in the automotive pipeline system, helping maintenance technicians to locate leaks and solve problems quickly.

How does the AUTOOL Smoke Leak Detector work?

The AUTOOL smoke leak detector employs a forced combustion smoke generation method in a low-oxygen environment. It is energized by a conductive column to the heating wire, which rapidly heats up to more than 300°C so that the mineral oil reaches the ignition point and enters the combustion state. Due to the small intake of airflow, it is insufficient to provide sufficient oxygen to maintain full combustion, thus the combustion mainly occurs on the surface of the heating wire. Subject to high-temperature heating, the mineral oil retention object can continue to burn insufficiently around the heating wire, thus producing a large amount of smoke.

About SDT50 and SDT60 Smoke Leak Detector

  • Before the release of our SDT50 and SDT60, AUTOOL launched a series of smoke leak detectors to address the diverse needs of our customers and varying functional requirements. The two smoke leak detectors, the SDT60 and SDT50, feature a smaller size, cost-effectiveness, and convenience for customers to store and carry in their work.
  • Furthermore, the new SDT50 and SDT60 models feature an integrated air pump, eliminating the need for an external air source. This is in addition to the inherent benefits of the SDT101 and SDT103 models. These units are ready to use and easy to operate.
  • In comparison to other products such as the SDT206/208/205, the new SDT50 and 60 have fewer air flow meters, oil level gauges, oil drain ports, alarm indicator designs, and more.
  • zqThe biggest difference between the SDT50 and SDT60 is that the SDT60 comes with its pressure gauge.

What is the purpose of the Smoke Detector Machine Pressure Gauge?

The smoke detector machine pressure gauge has two main functions, one is for machine self-test, and the other is for pre-assessment of the pipeline system. If the pointer of the pressure gauge keeps still, it represents there is a relatively serious leak in the pipeline; if the pointer rises slowly, it indicates that there is a leak in the system. In this case, you can turn on the smoke switch to output smoke to locate the leak.

Smoke Detector Machine Getting Started Guide

  • If this is your first time using AUTOOL’s Smoke Leak Detector, then you should have some of the following questions:
1. What do I need to do before using a smoke leak detector?
  • Install the hook onto the hook port and hang it under the hood. Open the filling cap and drain 10ml of test liquid into the filling port.
2. Why doesn’t my smoke leak detector produce smoke and some liquid comes out?
  • Many customers adding too much smoke oil when using the device for the first time will lead to these two problems, the space inside the device is limited, and if you add too much smoke oil, then there is not enough space to produce smoke.
  • Try to make sure you only have 10-15ml of smoke test oil in your smoke leakage meter.
  • When pouring too much, pour out all the smoke test oil.
  • After pouring out all the smoke oil, turn the device on first
  • When the product produces smoke and smokes, add about 10ml of smoke test oil.
3. What smoke test oil do I need to use?
  • Many customers have questions when using our smoke leak detectors for the first time. This product needs to use special test oil.
  • This product needs to use special test oil. Or use “liquid paraffin” or “baby massage oil” instead.
4. How do I proceed once I have made these preparations?
  • When everything is ready, install the smoke hose to the smoke outlet and the power cord to the power connector.
    The red clip is connected to the positive terminal (+) and the black clip is connected to the negative terminal(-). PS: This detector only allows to use DC 12V car battery as a power source.
  • Warm Tips:
    For optimum performance of the smoke leak detector, the car battery should be fully charged in advance.
  • The built-in air pump starts to work to produce pressurized air after powered on.
  • Press the smoke control switch, the LED indicator lights up, and the detector starts to work and generates smoke.

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