Why and how to use a HTS558 Engine Cleaner?

HTS558 Engine Cleaner is cleaning the car engine.1.What is a HTS558 Engine Cleaner

HTS558 Engine Cleaner machine actively uses crushed walnut shell particles as a cleaning medium. It jets the particles into the engine intake pipe with high-pressure air, applying impact and friction to the workpiece surface. This removes dirt, oil, rust, and coatings. The machine then recovers the walnut sand and impurities through a specialized recycling suction pipe.

2.Why choose Carbon Deposition Engine Cleaner

1.natural environment

Conventional bottle cleaning uses chemical cleaning agents, which can cause corrosion of engine parts and loss of airtightness of the engine in serious cases when the cleaning agent is of poor quality or used inappropriately. And walnut sand is a natural material, will not cause corrosion and damage to the car engine.

2.No residual carbon

In the process of cleaning carbon in the hanging bottle, the decomposed carbon residue is not discharged, it will remain in the combustion chamber, affecting the engine combustion process, and may even cause detonation, and it will bring some damage to the injector, cylinder block, etc.. And HTS558 adopts 1200W motor with strong suction power, which can recover the carbon and can avoid such damage.

3.Strong cleaning effect

Bottle cleaning carbon can only clean some surface carbon, can not be completely removed, especially for the narrow pipeline carbon, bottle cleaning method often can not clean. For the old car there are some solid carbon, the effect is even worse. And HTS558 adopts the way of external air source, which can effectively remove the carbon buildup mixed magazines.

4.Economic and time cost savings

Bottle cleaning of carbon deposits in addition to the need to use a good cleaning agent, while in the cleaning need to wait a long time, raising the cost of cleaning the engine. And HTS558 in addition to strong cleaning effect, the walnut grit used can be recycled, greatly reducing the cost of cleaning.

3. How to use the HTS558 Engine Cleaner

1. Installation and connection

  • After unpacking the product and placing it in the work area, remove the grit recovery hose from the accessory storage box and attach it to the product’s grit recovery hose connection.
  • Remove the grit recovery hose elbow from the accessory storage box and attach it to the other end of the grit recovery hose.
  • Remove the sandblasting gun hose from the accessory storage box and attach it to the sandblasting gun. Insert the sandblasting gun into the round hole in the elbow of the grit recovery hose.
  • Connect the shortcut connector for the external air source to the product’s air inlet port

2. Preparation

  • Open the latches on both sides of the product’s head cover, remove the head, take the walnut grit from the accessory storage box and pour it into the sand storage bucket, and load the head in order.
  • Take out the goggles from the accessory storage box and put them on.
  • Remove the intake manifold of the automobile engine and observe the carbon deposits in the cylinders and valves and whether the intake and exhaust valves are closed.
  • Confirm that the sandblasting gun, dust suction hose connector, and vehicle model adapter have been completed in the appropriate mating combination.

3. Operation process

  • Turn on the power switch, the machine is in working condition.
  • Trigger the switch of the sand blasting gun to start the operation of removing carbon deposits.
  • After cleaning the carbon, you need to use the dust blowing gun to blow out the residual sand particles.

4.Benefits of using a Carbon Deposition Engine Cleaner

When we choose walnut sand cleaning, we are not just opting for an efficient cleaning technology. We are also embracing a responsible approach towards the environment and future generations. This advanced cleaning method possesses remarkable power, actively penetrating deep into the intricate parts of the engine. It rigorously removes oil, rust, and carbon deposits, rejuvenating the equipment and restoring its original working efficiency. Furthermore, the utilization of walnut sand as a renewable resource underscores our commitment to sustainability. By recycling this material, we not only reduce cleaning costs but also alleviate environmental pressure, contributing significantly towards a more sustainable future.

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