The car noise is getting louder and louder, it may be these problems

1.Oil viscosity is too high

When changing the oil, many friends will try different oils to test out the type of oil suitable for their use. But for the engine, if you use too viscous oil, it will lead to insufficient oil flow into the hydraulic tappet each time, resulting in valve rattling and noise, at this time, as long as the replacement of relatively low viscosity gasoline can be solved.

2.Carbon in the cylinder

The use of old engine oil will lead to more and more thin oil and more and more carbon. The oil is thin and easy to tamper with the oil, causing more and more carbon deposits, thus losing more power. When changing to new oil, the engine may temporarily fail to adapt to the viscosity of the new oil, which may pull up the speed and cause the engine to be noisy. You can clean up the engine carbon accordingly!

3.Engine rubber feet aging

The engine rubber feet support the engine and absorb the vibration transmitted into the car by the engine. And engine rubber feet aging or broken, the car shaking and noise increased, affecting the ride’s comfort. In addition, engine rubber feet fracture seriously and even lead to the engine from the frame off. Therefore, if you find that the engine noise is too loud, you must check the condition of the engine rubber feet. If the engine rubber feet are aging, the problem is not big. We just need to replace it!


The noise generated by the tires should not be ignored because the tires are badly worn, and the tread pattern is aging. So the tire noise is getting bigger and bigger, ordinary tire tread to balance fuel consumption and quietness to take a compromise strategy, while the sports-oriented tires give up part of the quietness, choose the grip and other performance. So if you have relatively large requirements for the car’s quietness, I suggest that it is better to replace the quiet tires. The effect will be much better.

5.Shock absorber

Generally, when crossing the speed bump, the shock absorber relieves the vehicle’s vibration. Once the car shock absorber has failed, the effect is not apparent, the comfort level is reduced, but also the noise inside the car will increase.

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