Two factors that affect vehicle visibility: wipers and lighting

Lights and wipers assume an essential role in safe car driving, and if you can’t see or be seen, the likelihood of an accident is greatly increased. In some areas of the United States, there are specific laws that require wipers and headlights to be on at the same time. If you notice any problems with your lights and wipers during your daily use of the car, please stop and check them at the first opportunity.

What are their roles?

The wiper system prevents rain, dust and snow from collecting on the windshield and removes them to ensure light transmission and clarity. On the other hand, the lighting system improves visibility at night and provides signals to other drivers and illumination for viewing the vehicle’s interior instrumentation.

Light bulbs and wiper strips are common wear parts that require regular replacement.

The main factors affecting their service life are:

  • Conditions of use (wear and tear is increased by using the wipers in winter)
  • Frequency of use
  • Material and type of bulbs and wiper strips
  • Sunny and dry weather can increase wear.

Typical symptoms:

  • Continuous squeaking sound when wipers are running
  • The gauge signal flashes rapidly when the turn signal is turned on.
  • Gauges will light up with a light fault light.
  • Light brightness decreases

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